Monday, June 11, 2012

A slightly tardy finish for "If the shoe fits..."

I have been determined that my next blog post was going to show the finished "If the shoe fits..." canvas.  So, the Belmont happened--and I was glued to the television screen, not stitching. I didn't cash, by the way.  And Rafa went for his 7th French Open title Sunday and again this morning, and I was watching every point, my stitching ignored on my lap.  But this afternoon I persevered, and here it is in all its glory.  The colors look much richer in person.  It will be a gorgeous pillow with the trims I have selected.  I can't wait to see it finish/finished.  Hooray!  
This was fun to stitch, but it seemed to go on forever.  My next home project is going to be a shorty.  You'll see next week.
I have also been reading a young adult fantasy series by Kristin Cashore:  Greyling; Fire; and Bitterblue.  It is a delight and I'm already regretting speeding through the two and a half I have finished.  Come on, Kristin, write another one quickly!

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