Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wake-up call from Tropical Storm Debby

As regular readers of blogger know, every hurricane season I pack away my rug canvases.  Summer is our quiet time and people are usually interested in smaller/less costly projects at this time of year.  My regular practice is to wait until the end of July, but this year the storms have gotten a jump start and we are already at #4.  The "experts" said this was going to be a minor season with 12 total storms and 4 major hurricanes.  Things don't seem to be working out that way.  Several people today noticed the plastic bin and were concerned about why I was packing.  Not to worry, I signed another 3-year lease this spring, so no moving or closing in my future (she says with fingers crossed, since the last move was prompted by a hurricane's damage).  
Naturally I left my notes about the dimensions of the rugs at the shop.  I'll edit tomorrow night with that information.  All of today's canvases are on 10mesh.

This design is from Princely Designs

 This exotic animal/bird canvas from Jean Smith is quite versatile.  It could be in a den or in a child's room.  And a name could be painted in the center to break up all that background.

Rosalie Peters designed this round angel tree-skirt.

This floral repeat design is from Lee's Needle Arts.

Over the years, we have sold more of this design than any other.  It is really gorgeous!


This round rug by Jean Smith has flowers from what I think of as "cooler climes", especially the jack-in-the-pulpits. 

Stephanie of Danae Designs is the designer of this square beauty.

This is one of Lee's Needle Arts' more traditional
Asian designs. 

And I'll be packing more rugs away tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow--I do try to pace myself and allow a reward of some stitching in between the stooping  and folding.  Not to mention standing on a footstool to take the photographs!  I'm not as agile as I once was.

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  1. These rugs are all quite beautiful, Mary Agnes.