Saturday, June 16, 2012

Snowflower tassel, finished

Well, I got my wish this week--this was a real "quickie" project.  It's satisfying to have those once in a while to keep stitching morale high!  The top and bottom borders were the same, using Very Velvet (for a thicker look than the usual Petite version) in an alternating Scotch stitch, neon rays in a stepped upright gobelin, and a 2-fiber double-repeat herringbone using fyrewerks and coronet braid.

Monday I'll go to Joanne's or Michaels to try to find a small metallic tassel.  Then I can send this to my ornament finisher to be made into a cylindrical ornament.  It really looks pretty in person and that very velvet is lush to look at and to rub. 

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