Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pretty posies

EDIT:  In checking this blog entry after I posted it I noticed that, like several recent entries, several words have been blue lined by some mysterious entity.  Do not click on them as they weren't highlighted by me.  Sorry for the mystery.  I hope its source will be revealed someday. 

I've had this canvas from Stitch-its in stock for several years.  I wanted to stitch it, but it kept getting bumped by other things,  Having to stitch for this blog has upped my production and gotten this canvas its month "in the spotlight". 

I don't like to stitch backgrounds (boring, but necessary), so I make myself start working on them first. I reward myself for diligence by letting myself start other design elements.  The canvas is 18mesh.  Here, I'm working on the sky background for the blossoms in light blue Splendor; while also doing the Nobuko stitch on the grass background behind the stems using a medium green Splendor.  I like to do elements like these that will recede into the background first because it is easier to do pattern stitches that might encroach on their borders later, rather than trying to do the design and then fitting the background under the encroaching stitches.  Less work for mother, so to speak. 

It's been quiet in this shop this week, so I spent each morning hanging Splendor on the repaired rack and the afternoon stitching.  I feel quite virtuous that the rack has been completely restocked and now I can admire its splendor (I couldn't resist that one) while I sit stitching.  



  1. You accomplished quite a bit this week! How will this piece be finished?

  2. I'm thinking about making it a small tote bag like a Kate Spade with a pink or yellow leather. Of course, I've been known to change my mind!