Saturday, August 18, 2012

5 lighthouses, again

Isn't it lovely?  It's always wonderful when a box of finishing arrives.  Stitchers don't realize the transformation that can occur by selecting the right color backing for a pillow or trim for an ornament.  When I receive a new shop model from the finisher, I always place it where I can look at it often during the day. 

I've been diligent at the shop stitching on a Christmas stocking for a customer so my new project is slightly delayed in developing.  I'll unveil it Wednesday, I promise.

This week my home stitching has been done on the 5 lighthouses canvas I started last week.  All of the stitching is in silk 'n ivory.

The outer striped border is being stitched in the slanted gobelin, with the direction of the slant changing about the middle of each side.  The blocks of color aren't equal, so the middle will be the end of a color, rather than changing in the middle of a block although that could also be an option, depending on how rigid your personal outlook is.  As I've grown older I've become more forgiving about such decisions--whatever floats your boat!  

I decided to do the top roof of all the lighthouses in the mosaic stitch.  The inner space is done in whatever slanted stitch fits.  The first lighthouse has a cashmere stitch, the 2nd  Scotch stitches, and the 3rd mosaic stitches.  The orange lighthouse is done in slanted gobelin.  

Lighthouse #2 is done in the jacquard stitch.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this was to figure out the compensation. 

And I've decided to stitch the border in the Diagonal Triple Parisian as I mentioned last week.  However, I have decided to stitch the lettering areas in the tent stitch, perhaps doing the DTP between words.  To make the process easier, I am stitching the background row under the lettering so that I have a reference point.  Usually I just stitch consecutive rows of a border.  

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  1. The fish pillow turned out beautifully--congratulations!