Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Standing Nutcracker, 2

Well, I hope the National Hurricane Center removes Isaac from the list of future storm names.  While Florida was fortunate enough to dodge the full force of Isaac, a "rogue band" broke free after Isaac left Cuba and headed up the East Coast of Florida.  It dumped masses of water as it stalled overhead.  Vero's previous one-day rainfall record was broken Monday thanks to the torrential downpour.  I don't know what the 3-day total was.  A lot.  Of course, I was running my Monday errands.  As I was pumping gas, I saw lightning and heard the thunder and had the fleeting thought that perhaps I shouldn't be doing this under a metal awning at this moment.  Of course I had committed the cardinal sin of not having a full tank of gas when a tropical storm/hurricane was approaching.  Once I saw that Isaac was going up the Gulf of Mexico I relaxed my usual attentiveness to storm preparation.  My bad.  And as I was out driving around through buckets of water, there was a tornado warning.  And ten minutes after I pulled into my garage a tornado hit 3 trailer parks just west of where I had been pumping gas.  Why is it always trailer parks?  Life is not fair.  Fortunately no one was killed.  And I can barely bring myself to watch New Orleans.  I think it is worse to watch a hurricane hit someone else than it is to endure it yourself.  My prayers go out to all in Isaac's path.

Tuesday I was surprised when I got to the shop to discover that there was water on the floor of the back room.  Fortunately nothing was damaged.   And again, a wake-up call.  Knowing how much rain we were having, it hadn't occurred to me while doing errands Monday to swing by and check on the shop. "It's only rain."   Foolish me.  It could have been so much worse. 

My weekly progress doesn't seem like much on this gi-normous project. 

I wanted to complete the interlocking gobelin around the "feather" in the nutcracker's hat so I could start the long/short split stitch with its edges overhanging the background stitching.  I just barely made it! 
I tried to darken things so you could see the definition of my first row of stitches.  I'll have more on this in 2 weeks.  Next weekend (9/7-9/10) I'll be in Baltimore for a TNNA cash-and-carry market.  This is definitely too big for travel.  My mind is racing trying to select a small traveling project.

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  1. Hello, So glad the shop and inventory survived without damamge! Here on the west coast in Bradenton, we barely got 2 inches from Isaac. Have fun in Baltimore, that's one of my favorite cities.