Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 lighthouses, week 3

I did the circles on the lime lighthouse in continental stitch.  The red and white lighthouse is stitched in the alternating slanted gobelin. 

I managed to finish the rocks on which the lighthouses are standing and worked some more on the waves. 

When I went to complete the row of border under the lettering, I ran into a problem.  Somehow I had miscounted the very top row of border.  With today's rainy and/or overcast skies, it was difficult to find where I had gone wrong.  It was above the inner t.  I had to move to a chair right beside a window before I could locate the culprit.  And then to rip and restitch.  Here's a close-up of the restitched border.
I lightened it so you could see the continental stitches around the letters.  In person, the border is so dark it is hard to pick out the stitch pattern. 

And thank goodness, Isaac decided to visit the Gulf of Mexico.  Although the storm is so large that we have been told to expect tropical storm winds and rain.  The worst part of that is the possibility of tornadoes which are so unpredictable.  Here's hoping the mountains of Cuba continue to break up his structure. 


  1. This is so, so pretty! I've enjoyed following your progress. I'd love to see more canvases by this designer.

    1. Whitney, she's on line at
      I did something wrong because that didn't "light up". I'll double-check--again. Don't know--anyway, you have her general info. I plan to have lots of her canvases this fall. I especially love her "5 black dresses"--there is so much that could be done to them.
      Mary Agnes