Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gunther, 20

Today was the annual Needle Nicely luncheon.  We met at the Ocean Grill where we had a table by the window so we could see the tiny bikinis, kayakers, and many tourists in the 71 degree water.  Brrr!
That's Macy, Marcia, Helen and Lynn, my crack sales team.  Though Helen retired this year and Lynn reminded me that she's not an employee, but a volunteer stock clerk.  But all part of the gang.

Wednesday Saco River sent out their email announcing their new colors of persian yarn.  (That's the new name, I gather--not Paternayan, but PERSIAN).  I didn't count, but about 12 of the colors were repeats of the original offering because they originally underestimated the demand.  I question some of the color selections in both offerings.  I won't name them here, but I voted with my order--they weren't there because I still have stock after over 2 years.  I was amazed to discover that they still had some Paternayan stock--which I ordered.  I probably should check more colors that I want.  Tomorrow.....

I took Gunther to the shop so I could stitch some on his black boots.  I didn't make much progress because this was our busiest week of the season.  With Easter coming so early, people are gearing up to head North.  That includes buying new needlepoint projects, thank goodness.
Still, I'm on the homeward stretch.  Just another couple weeks of stitching and Gunther will be done.  This evening and tomorrow I get to check off the Maggie trunk show and get it packed up for shipment back Monday.  DH took the price tags off while I was luncheoning, bless his heart. 

EDIT:  Just realized that I didn't say what stitches I was using on Gunther's boots.  The black is the byzantine #2 from Stitches to Go and the greys are various widths of the slanted gobeling.  The black and greys are stitched in silk lame braid and the golds are Kreinik metallics.

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  1. Gunther's looking good! Happy Easter, Mary Agnes!