Saturday, May 25, 2013

I love Vero

 Needle Nicely designed this pillow canvas  to show the elements comprising the experience of living in, and loving, Vero Beach, Florida.  The Dodgers did their baseball spring training from 1948 through 2008 when they moved to Glendale, Az.  Trubey and I used to have season tickets to the spring training games and I have many memories of hours spent in the sunshine at Holman Stadium.  Everyone in town knew when the pitchers arrived and also when the team plane departed for the end of the season (shooters at Bobby's to say goodbye).

We designed a new canvas, but I've been a little tardy in getting a new model stitched.  I'll be donating this "old" pillow to our Christmas Festival of Trees, so decided now was the time to do the new model.

There really are dolphins who live in the intercoastal ("the river") that will follow your boat as you go north to Sebastian or south to Fort Pierce.  Seeing them is quite an experience.

EDIT:  I was blithely stitching away when I realized that I hadn't said what stitch I was doing for the background.  It's the nobuko done in silk 'n ivory.  Thanks,  Anne, for the nudge.

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  1. Looks like a fun stitch, Mary Agnes--what threads will you be using?