Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Starfish garland, V

 I love the patio cashmere stitch, usually.  However, I thought it would never end while stitching this starfish.  And it used twice as much metallic as the stitches I used for the other 3 starfish.  My plan for this garland was to do pattern stitches quickly--in that case, select something other than the cashmere or patio cashmere!
Whine, whine.  It does look good finished (in more ways than one, she sighs). 

This starfish was stitched in the Hungarian Ground.  It's a fast stitch and looks good.

Here are the four beauties ready to go to the ornament finisher along with their perle cotton that she'll use to make cording.  While I'm waiting for their return, I have to decide what fiber and what color/s I will use for the cording that will be the basis for the garland.  I'm putting on my thinking cap.


  1. Dark green cording, so the starfish stand out and the cording doesn't?