Saturday, May 11, 2013

versatility, in life and in designs


My post Saturday, March 13,2013,  was an adaptation of a starfish design by Associated Talents.  I saw it and thought that it was possible to totally change it by just using the shape, slightly enlarged (150%), and filling it with a pattern stitch.  I selected the diagonal triple Parisian with the long stitch in silk 'n ivory and the shorter stitch in 1/16 Balger ribbon.  I envisioned a holiday garland with these starfish in various colors and stitches interspersed with shells and other sea-shorey items.  And utilizing non-holiday colors since I wanted it to be beach-ey. 

As a local needlepoint shopowner, I feel that I must constantly be thinking outside the box and trying to adapt things I see around me to perform a positive commercial benefit to my business.  There are no original ideas, I think, merely permutations and adaptations.  I try to give credit where I know it is due, but sometimes the original developer of the idea has disappeared into the ether.  

To develop designs, you must turn something around, look at it from all angles and say, try it this way.  No, try it that way.  What about adding this; that.  Hmmm.  If you have a good design for a pillow, try it as an ornament or as a belt or as a doorstop.  Twist it and turn it and try it in a multitude of permutations.  That is design.  And in needlepoint you can often get 6 or 8 designs from the same basic concept. Then examine the possibility of changing the colors or the color values. 

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