Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Some finished customer pillows

I rarely show projects that my customers have stitched.  Not that I don't have many who produce wonderful finished products.  I think it's more that I think they are personal property while the blog is Needle Nicely.  I probably should loosen up about this attitude.  Anyway, here are two items that came in from my pillow finisher yesterday.

The first is a tartan monograph pillow that Needle Nicely set up for the customer.  First my shop artist did the monogram.  Then, consulting a book about tartans provided by the customer, I set up the plaid pattern for her so it would replicate the tartan for her family.  She enjoyed watching the tartan pattern develop while she was stitching it.  I think her brother will really appreciate her effort when he receives the pillow.

Once again tonight I'm having difficulty with Blogger.  It doesn't want to download my photographs.  The same thing happened Saturday night.  I just kept coming back again and again--I guess hardheaded persistence pays!

The other pillow is what we have termed "the dread lock lady" because when Toni, her stitcher, did the hair she added elongated versions of French knots that rather resemble dread locks.  It produces a great look and adds interest to a delightful design from Maggie Co.  I've provided a closer photograph featuring the hair.  It seems rather out of focus, but the dread locks do show up. 

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