Saturday, February 28, 2015

A multitude of alligators, 2

I added the Byzantine #2 from Stitches to Go to the mix for the paler green alligators in this canvas by Linda Pietz.  I think that makes the skin look pebbly and alligator-y.
 Macy, the Needle Nicely "new broom" even though she originally worked for us 20 years ago, is involved in dog field trials, agility, and obedience.  I ordered several of these Barbara Russell belt designs for Macy to show some of her friends.  And incidentally, regular customers of Needle Nicely are liking them.  This first is Barbara's golden retriever belt.

 This is Barbara's springer spaniel belt.

 This is half of the King Charles spaniel belt, a favorite of Marcia who is awaiting the conception of her new puppy.


  1. Always happy to see a lot of good dogs, needlepoint or otherwise!

  2. Love the effect from the stitches on the alligator!