Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Some new silk lame braid plus new canvases

Before I went to the TNNA market in January, I emailed my Rainbow Gallery sales rep an order that included the new colors of silk lame braid.  That is, I thought I had ordered the new colors.  Come to find out, I had skipped about 18 new colors that came out last summer (I don't order things like that in the summer when business is so slow.  I hunker down and only order necessities.).  Anyway, this omission was immediately obvious when the order came in and we had a gap in the numbers.  Last week I ordered the missing numbers.  They came in yesterday and now I have to rearrange the fiber racks to make space.  I really consolidated the neon rays with about 6 colors to a hook.  Not easy to look for a color, but better than eliminating neon rays entirely.  Here are the new colors:
I need to call John at Rainbow Gallery and beg  for a ceasefire in adding new colors since I am nearing the saturation point on my 4 fiber racks.

These two sweater designs from Stitch-Its are among the new canvases arriving at Needle Nicely.

 Every spring in Vero Beach, people start watching the beaches for turtle egg nests; and then, in late May and June, the hatchlings making their way into the sea.  Because of this I try to have a supply of turtle canvases such as this one from JP Needlepoint.


  1. LOVE those new silk lame colors!

  2. The turtle canvas reminds me of Maggie Lane designs.