Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More stitched Jean Hilton designs

First, I'll start with two Jean Hilton designs that I actually finished stitching.  The first is Eterna, a booklet under Carol Costello's name, but definitely a Jean Hilton design.  It is a delightful design to stitch because of its symmetry.  Everything is based on twelve.  The openings are 12 by 12 threads and the Rhodes stitches are 12 stitches by 12 stitches.  Of course, if you're not a good counter, it is a nightmare.  I had a student who couldn't see when her areas were 11 by 13.  Her canvas I took home and did some remedial stitching on.  I just couldn't bear the thought of how askew the design would be if I didn't (and I also didn't want to frustrate my student by making her continually take things out).
Kreinik gave away sheets of a Jean Hilton design, Reunion, that promoted some new colors of Balger 1/16 ribbon.  I have always regretted stitching the colors that Jean suggested--not many decors that would suit these colors!!
Gleneagle is a booklet that was published.  I understand Jean taught classes at ANG chapters and she called these her chapter squares.  The book contains twelve squares with a border separating them.  I found this canvas that I started, completing the border.  If you look closely, you'll be able to see in the upper right hand block an image of the stitches I had started, but just removed.  I'll have this on sale in the shop, price not yet determined, but with frame.
I taught this as a class of 4 squares (since a Florida season isn't long enough to teach all 12 squares).
Here is my almost completed sample.
Two weeks ago, one of my original students for this class came into Needle Nicely.  Over the years she has done two pieces of 4 squares each and is now finishing her third with the last 4 squares.  What an accomplishment (and I won't tell how many years she spread the project over!).

Rainbow Gallery has 4 free  charts of Jean Hilton Christmas ornaments.  I have stitched these as ornaments in Christmas colors, but I also stitched the following:
And the last pattern is one from Carol Costello, I think Patchouli.  I was smart enough to attach a ziplock bag with the fibers to the back of the frame so I could finish it some day.
You can see that I started each stitch so my students would know how to place their stitches.


  1. Fabulous stitching Mary Agnes! Enjoyed viewing these designs and you must finish those 4 squares, you're almost there.

  2. That was a walk down Memory Lane--since I have those projects floating around in the finished-but-not-framed/pillowed/whatever box!

  3. I loved Carol Costello designs. I've stitched 5 or 6 of them, including Patchouli. Thanks for the reminder. Have to see where that one is stashed.