Saturday, February 7, 2015


Someone came in the shop yesterday, looked at my Associated Talents monogram pillow, and commented that we must be busy since I hadn't done much stitching.  Yes, as I've said before, it's the season.  This is looking like a good one--finally!!  I can do shop stitching all I want on those quiet summer days.

Part of my shop stitching time this week was spent painting green over a red background for a customer.  I'm not usually allowed near a paintbrush since I'm so clumsy, but "the studio" was busy with special orders that required real painting talent.  So when push comes to shove, Mary Agnes will try to paint.  The customer was worried that there would be a shadow of the red.  I didn't think that would be a problem since she was going to be stitching with silk 'n ivory, what I think of as a "soft" fiber.  Perle cotton is a "hard" fiber, as is Balger metallic.  Of course, tension is also a factor and whether the stitcher allows the stitching fiber to unwind between stitches.

At the latest TNNA market, a designer remarked to me that she didn't read any blogs because the bloggers did 3 stitches on a canvas, took a picture, and blogged about them.  I guess that one view, but obviously not how I feel or I wouldn't be taking the time to share things I'm stitching, canvases I've purchased for the shop, and needlepoint shop life in general.

In my home stitching, I decided to insert a painted canvas into the stitching of stars for my proposed star garland.  Woman cannot live by counted needlepoint alone, she (at least this one) must have a painted design occasionally.  I selected this medley of alligators, a Linda Pietz design for Treglown designs.

 I usually start a canvas in the upper right-hand corner of the background.  However, in this case, I wanted the background pattern to be established to the left of the major alligator's leg.  I don't know if this stitch has a name, but it is great for backgrounds.  You start at the top doing the rows of basketweave, then you stitch the slanted gobelin upward where you can again stitch the rows of basketweave.

I goofed and selected a dark turquoise for the outlining.  Back to the shop to select either a navy or very dark green.


  1. That is a pretty background stitch. We regular folks like reading about your "three stitches" so please keep it up!

  2. Slanted Gobelin over two, alternating with basketweave. No name. Just simple, and effective.

  3. keep blogging because I enjoy reading about what you are stitching and seeing new ideas. I love designers who blog too because it sparks my interest in their new designs.

  4. I no longer am able to stitch the fine canvases but enjoy seeing what others are doing. Thank you for the blue feathers and sparkling bracelets. Ba humbug!! on the naysayers.