Saturday, March 14, 2015

A multitude of alligators, 3

As a technically-challenged person, the past 24 hours has been irritating.  Some updates were added to my computer yesterday.  I'm sure some were reputable updates.  Others changed lots of things on my computer.  It was snail slow (not the wi-fi we all know and love) with lots of pop-up ads.  It was so bad that I decided to stop by my computer guru first thing Monday morning to have him clean it up.  Then something aggravated me so much that I caught a program's name and clicked on delete (I really do know that doesn't do it).It gave me a prompt and instructions of where to go on my computer to uninstall--I always forget where that is.  Since I go there about once a year, it definitely doesn't deserve space in my memory bank.  Boy, is it an education trying to uninstall these unsolicited programs.  They have hidden appendages that you also have to reject or the game just goes on forever.  Right now, I can't download my photograph because it is taking up-to-now 30minutes to remove one program.  It has been bombarding me with items that I need that are included in this program.  No I don't, thank you.  At least, I didn't need you before Friday the 13th and I sure don't want you now.  I just discovered that I could move that screen to one side and then I could download my photos and edit them.  So I will leave my battle with unwanted programs (my computer just informed me that I had added 3 new apps--that is my piercing scream you hear), and continue with my Saturday night blog.

This time I am spending battling my computer is time I could be needlepointing (or helping my husband with today's New York Times crossword puzzle, which he says is a real toughie).  Of course, I won't mention the time I spent today watching Joyce DiDonato and Juan Diego Flores at the Metropolitan Opera.  It was wonderful music--and not painful to look at those gorgeous faces.

My stitching time is also being curtailed by tax time (got to get that information about drugs added up).  The Needle Nicely tax return is done, on to the personal tabulations.  Add to that the fact it is the season (thank goodness), I am getting older and don't have the stamina I once had.  That means I don't have the energy for, or interest in, doing my hourly nighttime stitching.  However, whining aside, here's where I am on my alligators.  I'm currently stitching the diagonal mosaic while I stare at those orange and yellow areas--where on earth am I going to find stitches for those areas?  I have the fibers,  just no bright ideas.  However, as Scarlet would say, I'll worry about that tomorrow!!

The flow of new canvases is slowing to a trickle.  It is almost time for me to contact the designers of incomplete orders to let them know they need to ship in October if they expect to be paid in a timely fashion.  This is a wonderful tree-topper (it could also be a stand-up) two-sided Santa from Susan Roberts Designs.

I've been having a great time thinking up different stitches for Santa.  What fun to stitch!


  1. Sorry about all the computer issues! Bur that's a very nice-looking Santa!

  2. Turkeywork loops? Leave them uncut and toss some beads (or French knots) in the centers? Balloon stitches (with laying tool) and then stem stitch around the perimeters with a contrasting thread? Slap buttons on top and call it done? Totally bead some of the yellow dots and stitch others? All of the above?