Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Just call me Grace...

Early this morning, Macy and I met at Needle Nicely where we picked up a broom, a dustpan and an empty plastic bin before driving to the storage unit that saved Needle Nicely's inventory in the fall of 2005.  Sad to say, and I gather from what people tell me, I am not unusual in the fact that I have not examined most of the items in the storage unit since the day they were placed there.  Several things have occurred recently that have prodded me to make an effort to empty the unit.  Among those are a desire to streamline Needle Nicely's "contents" with an eventual goal of selling or liquidating the business.  After all, I am 72 years old and beginning to exhibit some attributes of ageing.  Having my new broom (Macy) with her boundless energy caused me to act sooner rather than later.  That's why today's expedition was the culmination of several months' trips to gradually deplete the contents.  One of the last things transferred to Needle Nicely was, perhaps ironically, the brand-new dehumidifier that I received from Sears after our escape from the Royal Palm Pointe shop's wetness.  The "new" dehumidifier I had previously purchased from Sears was defective and ineffective in the battle against the wet carpets.  But Sears did step up and replace it--long after we no longer needed it!
It was while Macy and I were carrying the dehumidifier in the back door of Needle Nicely that I managed to hit my forehead on a metal bracket intended to hold the bar when the door is closed.
I hit smack in the middle of my forehead.  It is only slightly elevated. I spent part of the day with a cold can of coke pressed against it.  My forehead is becoming a landscape of shop mishaps--the large brown spot to the right of my bruise is the remains of a hit on one of the cafe doors that Needle Nicely had (and has) between the shop and office on Royal Palm Pointe.  That time water was pouring down the walls!  Tune in Saturday to see how the color develops.  And I have many future blogs planned featuring the contents of the storage unit, now stowed in the nooks and crannies of Needle Nicely's back room.

New canvases are still arriving.  This Yankees belt from Keep Your Pants On was a special-order for a customer.
 I neglected to discover what designer MDM indicates, but this belt containing covered bridges is distributed by CBK designs.
 And all those mystery lovers out there should love Liz's vision of Sherlock Holmes as an owl.  Distributed by Susan Roberts.


  1. Mary Agnes, you're a good deal taller than I am. You need to learn to duck! And you're 72 years young! There are LNS owners out there older than you.

  2. OWIE! Hope the crack in your noggin is feeling better and you haven't moved into psychedelic colors (and the reference to psychedelic colors definitely dates me).

  3. So sorry about the bump on your forehead! And please don't think of retiring--what would we do without you!!