Saturday, March 28, 2015

A multitude of alligators, 4

I've managed to complete the diagonal mosaic on the final alligator.  It often gets pesky when trying to fit pattern stitches around other design areas.  Sometimes I think it would be simpler to just finish with basketweave--but I persevered with the diagonal mosaic.
Among the canvases I received this week is this backdrop for a modern creche set from Raymond Crawford.
We sell lots of brick covers because of Vero's balmy (?) ocean breezes.  This design is from Associated Talents.
 This is one of Associated Talents new Christmas designs.  Of course, my preference is "Be Merry".  Those strips on the bottom just scream to be stitched.  I'm trying to resist.
Thursday I had a pleasant surprise when a blog reader, Donna, brought her friend Liz into Needle Nicely.  They were spending some "girl's time" in Vero Beach which included much stitching and beach going,  but also massive quantities of retail therapy.  Thank goodness they had several days of sunshine before yesterday's rain and today's lower temperatures.  I know 55 and rain doesn't begin to compare to snow, but after weeks of 70s and 80s, this morning was a shock as I did my monthly visits to the Big Box stores.  Note:  I go at 8 am so the pain isn't quite as great as it would be at noon or thereabouts.

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  1. Temps of 55 degrees are a distant memory here, Mary Agnes--we had snow flurries again yesterday.