Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Preppy gator

In quiet moments this past week, Macy stitched this "preppy gator" from The Princess and Me.  She did alternating Scotch stitch for the white and pink squares; Rhodes heart for the hearts; and Byzantine for the alligator's body.  The fiber was silk lame braid.  The finished piece would look great appliqued to a tote bag.  Needle Nicely is going to have it inserted into a pillow.
 I just love this Florida canvas designed by Raymond Crawford.  There are so many stitch possibilities--and there is space to put Vero Beach under the NASA symbol and on top of the sailboat.
 Zecca designed this beauty.  When I look at canvases like this and the Florida above, I see pattern-stitch possibilities, but the designs would be equally gorgeous done in the tent stitch.
 Live well, laugh often, love much--a great motto illustrated by 5 hearts designed by Jennifer Tan of Pippin Studio.

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  1. Congrats to Macy on a great job! Love the colors!