Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bargello chair set-up complete

I've completed the set-up for Dottie's bargello desk chair canvas.  Whew!  Incidentally, the photo editing section of my new desktop computer includes a "picture straightening" feature.  Really a good asset for those of us who can't manage to hold a camera level.

The following are some of the new canvases that recently arrived.  This doorstop is from Danae Designs.

 Raymond Crawford designed this Christmas march.
 This fresh-looking floral is one of Susan Roberts' designs.
 And this shell pillow canvas is an Alice Peterson design.


  1. Good job on the bargello set-up! And I like the new canvases coming in, too!

  2. The chair is awesome. But will anyone ever sit on it?

  3. Oh, yes, Anna. It's her desk chair that she sits on everyday.