Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hearts, VI

In 2013 I started stitching a heart canvas designed by The Princess and Me.  I wanted to do it for a class at Needle Nicely.  The original design was intended to be an insert in a Lee's Needle purse.  I wanted to make it a pillow, so I chose my own stitches for the large hearts and then added a border of  Rhodes heart stitches.  I completed the Rhodes heart stitch border and then handed this to Macy to be her "shop" stitching in between waiting on customers.
 And here the finished product is.  Now to decide if we should add another border or two or merely send this to a pillow finisher and make a framed, ruffled pillow.  The thinking caps are on!  And this will be a Needle Nicely class next February.
Stuart stopped by yesterday to check on the chartreuse of my bruised forehead.  He was amazed to see that my "wound" had totally skipped the chartreuse stage of healing.  I have to leave the psychedelic look for the next time--and as clumsy as I have always been, I know there will be a next time!

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  1. There certainly is a lot of energy in this pillow! Macy did a very nice job.