Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spool ornaments

Little shoppe canvas company has come out with a series of canvases that come with a wooden spool and a needlepoint canvas that when put together produce a Christmas ornament.  I selected the angel
for my shop stitching in between waiting on customers and general shop activities (like ordering fibers or entering new canvases in the computer).

This is the picture that accompanies the canvas and spool.

Here's the canvas for the angel head and wings.
I started stitching from the right-hand side of the angel head piece, using silk lame braid.  I did slanted gobelin over two threads, the purple is continental, the white is slanted gobelin  and the larger blue areas are a row of slanted gobelin, 2 rows of basketweave, and then another row of slanted gobelin.  Just keep repeating.


  1. Cute! Looks like a quick and easy stitch! Wonder how much a finisher would charge to put this together?

  2. I'll let you know when I finish and send it off to my finisher! The other designs seem to be more self-finishing. These wings need to be backed.