Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New canvases are still trickling in

Today was a hodge-podge of activities with Macy blocking belts; and gluing the canvas on a votive candle for a customer.  I was trying to figure out how to assemble a traveling NeedleworkSystem4 stand with frame clamp.  Since I had only seen a picture of the stand; and since the instructions were minimal, it took me a while.  Macy finally stepped in to strong-arm one section apart.  I think I was being timid, not wanting to mess it up.  The moment brought back memories of 30 years ago when it took both Trubey and me to put the top together with the bottom stand of a Dazor lamp.  It's at times like this that I repeat to myself:  "I want to work in a needlepoint shop, where I can sit and stitch all day."

Then I stitched some boullion knots for the hair on a mermaid for a customer.  I tried to show her how to do them herself a month or so ago, but she decided she'd rather pay me to do them.  Each day this week I've been trying to do at least 1/2 hour of boullions.  (It's the mermaid I stitched that is #10 in the 2014 listing to the right on this blog.)

I also spent some time with Anita, a customer from Melbourne, who is doing pattern stitches on a bird bellpull by JP.  Her sisters bought the canvas, the fibers, and a stitch guide for Anita; and I am helping her figure out the stitches or substitute others that she likes better.  Sometimes stitch guides get too frustrating.

Some new canvases have arrived.  Some are ones I added to special orders for customers to defray shipping costs; others are usual shop inventory.  These stockings from Rebecca Wood are ones I selected for the shop to have in stock.  They are both on 18mesh.

When I was taking the pictures this afternoon, I was trying to decide what the item was to the left bottom of the window.  I thought it was a weird radiator.  Tonight when I was cropping the pictures, I realized it was a sled.  Duh!

The remaining canvases are ornaments.  The first is a reindeer golfer by Rebecca Wood.

The others are part of a series about the beach by Kirk and Bradley.  Florida has an annual lobster season where people dive for the Florida lobsters.

 Sebastian, about 15 miles North of Vero, has some of the best surfing on the East Coast of the US.
 And, of course, I must always buy any flamingo ornaments I see.

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  1. The stockings are lovely--the flamingo is over the top!