Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Streaky perle cotton stitches

Many stitchers do not realize that perle cotton is a solid-core thread that is white and is then dyed.  When the needle is allowed to move along the fiber, some of the dye is rubbed off.  This produces streaking, especially noticeable in darker colors.  You can see streaks throughout the background of this finished pillow.
At Needle Nicely (and I am sure other people have also), we have discovered a way to control this streaking.  When threading a needle with perle, you then pierce the end of the strand of perle and pull it toward the needle to form a knot around the eye of the needle.  This confines the needle, restricting its abrasion of the fiber.  The "loop" may come loose during the course of stitching, in which case you can make another one or just try to maintain the needle at the location near the end of the strand.

Here are a series of photographs showing the steps:
                                                       a loop is formed
                                         the loop tightened around the eye of the needle


  1. And the loop tightened around the eye of the needle doesn't interfere with stitching--make you need to tug every time you go in and out of a canvas hole?

    1. No, you really don't notice it. Works like a charm.

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  3. As a friend of mine often says: Cool beans. Nice to
    know. Thanks

  4. I don't use perle much any more but it's great to know!