Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Various methods of belt finishing

So you want to stitch a needlepoint belt.  How do you want it to look?  We have a multitude of styles for finishing belts.

1)  Standard belt finishing for wearing with slacks or jeans.  Needle Nicely's finisher requires 6" less of needlepoint than the actual belt size.  We always get a removeable buckle so it can be replaced if the brass buckle deteriorates.  You can also buy decorative silver or gold-plated buckles from some men's stores.

2)  All needlepoint belt with grommets through the needlepoint.   This style works with dresses or over blouses for women.  This requires 5" more than the belt size.  We always get a removeable buckle so it can be replaced if the brass buckle deteriorates.  I recommend going to a discount store like TJMaxx, look at the extra-large sale belts for buckles that you like.  Cut off the belt, throw it away, and use the buckle.  Our model has a buckle that is not removeable.  If you look closer, you will see that it looks awful because of Florida's salt air.

3)  Belt with calf leather on both ends with finishing that accommodates "clickers"--brass motifs that click together to form a central closure.  Usually the needlepoint is 3" smaller than the belt size.  Notice that I fastened our belt together with a paperclip.  The shop was busy and I didn't have time to retrieve the buckles.

4)  Belt with military-style buckle--the problem with this style is that many needlepoint belts are too thick for the mechanism that secures the buckle so the belt slides and often loosens.  You must add 5" to the belt size so there is a tongue.

5)  Belt with slide buckle--another all-needlepoint belt that also has a problem.  On many people, who adjust it to fit their waist, it has a tendency to loosen with deep breaths.  It works best when people wear it loosely around the waist or hips.  Again, you must add 5" for a tongue.

The finishing prices range from $95 to $195.  Prices, of course, vary from different finishers and different shops.  And other shops may have even more styles of finishing available.


  1. Good to know--didn't realize there were so many ways of clasping belts.

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