Saturday, March 19, 2016

Noel, VI

As you can see, the two sides of the interior background did match up perfectly.  Hooray!  I still have the fear that the outside stitching won't line up below the red ribbon, but that's a worry for another day.

I've been extra careful in stitching the Noel in Kreinik metallic.  Usually, I stitch the background first.  However, I decided it would be too confusing to try to fit the woven stitch around nonexistent red stitches.  I was especially careful to not jump across any open spaces, but rather confined my threads on the back to the stitched lettering.

I stitched the right-hand pink ornament in what I call the Byzantine mosaic stitch in Kreinik metallic.  The shine on the ornament is a faint pale pink, rather than white.

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  1. And you added some silver ornament hooks here and there for a little more twinkle. Looking great!