Saturday, March 12, 2016

Noel, V

I'm trying to accelerate my stitching rate on this.  My progress recently has been impaired by a repeat sinus infection, but now I'm fighting fit and determined to stitch quickly.  In case you fear for my health, everyone is Vero is hacking and coughing because the oak trees are pollinating and the palm tassels are started to blossom.  Many surfaces are coated with yellow pollen.  It's an allergist's dream!

I robbed the Needle Nicely leftover fiber cabinet (items from years of shop models) for the metallics I am using in stitching this.  I got caught when I thought I had enough red metallic on one spool to finish that small red and gold ornament peeking out to the right of the large gold ornament.  Wrong!  I needed about 8 more stitches to complete it--and of course, my other red metallic was a totally different dye lot.  I really hate picking out and metallic is one of the fibers that is the least fun to take out.  I couldn't think of a stitch to fit on that red ornament so I did basketweave.  Next to it, I stitched the green tree ornament.  The white is basketweave, the center of the trees is continental with an alternating slanted gobelin for the sides of the tree.  The red stitches are slanted gobelin over 2 with a continental stitch in the middle.

I'm getting close to the moment of truth about whether the two sides of the woven stitch will match up.  The tension mounts!


  1. Tried to follow the woven stitch across, but my monitor and the time of day don't help. So I'll keep my fingers crossed. I don't think people realize sometimes that one spool of metallic in the same number is not exactly the same as another spool of the same number.

  2. As for the Woven Stitch "golden spike" moment, you could start a pool, except I doubt there is anyone who would bet against your success. Looks great.