Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Study in Nobuko

I've been noticing some of the different ways stitchers utilize the nobuko.  Anne Stradal ( was the first person I saw turning the nobuko on its side.  It changes your perspective and looks totally different.  I decided to stitch a nobuko sampler showing as many variations as I could locate.  So far, I only have 5.  They are nobuko, double nobuko, alternating nobuko, double alternating nobuko, and nobuko variation 1,3,5.
I'm still in search of variations.  If you know of some, please contact me so I can add to this.  I'm going to try to stitch the variations on their sides to show how the look changes.

Another note, the world's best mathematician --me, HA!--set out to do 20x20 stitch squares.  Notice the medium blue is 18x20.  That kept waving at me, so I'm making the hot pink rectangle 18x20.  I guess you might say that I'm accustomed to screwing up and figuring out ways to make things look good!

On another topic:  This afternoon Needle Nicely was visited by the 3rd and 4th generations of a stitching family who have been customers of the shop since 1981 when we opened in Vero Beach.  Clarice totally fell in love with Gunther when she saw him and walked him all around the shop.  I'm sorry that I missed the many loving looks she gave him.  And she gave him back with no reluctance or tears.  I can foresee more visits in her future!!  (And her mother is now planning on stitching her own 30" Gunther!)


  1. The photo of little Clarice with Gunther is precious!

  2. I can't send a photo of my latest adventure with Nobuko, but a description should be enough to give you the idea.

    A friend asked me to needlepoint a picture of herself and another oarswoman winning the national agegroup event last year. The boat, long and narrow, takes up the whole width of the picture and extends out of sight. I chose variegated dark-blue perle cotton for the water. The foreground was in Double Alternating Nobuko, to give the effect of lots of little choppy waves. The background was in Single Alternating, which I hoped would look the same, only more distant - and it worked! Not sure if you could incorporate it into your sampler, but you might well find a use for it at some future time.
    All the best from a thundery South African summer
    Deborah Hubbard