Wednesday, January 11, 2017

graciela Boulanger prints in an endodontist's office

Last week in the medical travails of Mary Agnes, I had an upper molar extracted.  As it happens, the same endodontist pulled the identical molar on the opposite upper side of my mouth 20 years ago.  That isn't why I'm telling you about him (although about a minute after he told me I'd feel pressure, I knew he had pulled the tooth though I felt nothing--I have a high pain threshold), but because in his waiting room he had 3 16x20 prints (I assume) of Graciela Boulanger.  I just love her puckish humor.  Lee's Needle had some in their line about 30 years ago, but they were small--perhaps 5x7.  I am selling people riding bulls on the Needlepoint Nation Stash Exchange.  Anyway, I wanted to ask my dentist about them, but it's hard to talk when you have wads of cotton in your mouth!  Maybe I'll try to talk with him about them when I go for my post-op exam.

EDIT:  I put Boulanger's correct first name on this.  For years I have mistakenly called her Nadia.  Ah, well!


  1. That would be an amazing canvas to stitch--all the stitch possibilities!

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