Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Be Merry, 15

I'm approaching the finish line on "Be Merry".  I've finished the peppermint stick and the band of colors and stitches along the bottom.  I think I have one more strand of basketweave on the background.  What has thrown a spanner in the works is the stitch I had planned for the B.  I started it, but it looked awful.  So I am currently searching for alternate stitches.  Sigh!

This is how my first attempt looked.  Gone!
I'm hoping that by Saturday I will have finished this.  This week is the first time I have felt like stitching since the end of October.  I have had a marathon of illness, starting the end of October with cellulitis (elephantiasis of the feet and lower legs).  Once that was resolved and my ankles looked beautiful again, I came down with pneumonia.  I finally feel like a human being, so my stitching should start escalating.

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  1. Hope you continue to improve health-wise--feeling poorly seems to cloud a person's entire perspective.