Saturday, January 28, 2017

Be Merry, 15 Finished!

After the failure of the use of the Upright Gobelin for the diagonal stripe in "B", I spent literally hours leafing through stitch books looking for a suitable stitch.  I finally decided on a variation of the milanese stitch.  It works!

This is the finished canvas.  That's 2 finishes in a week!  Of course, we don't want to mention how long they have been in progress!!.
I don't know what the problem is with that droopy first R--I think that is where I folded and basted the canvas to move it on the stretcher bars.

RUG SALE:  The Rugs are 65% off (a few master canvases may vary from that).  I'm having a technical problem with the 2nd page of sale rugs.  The page shows on my work page, but doesn't show on the blog listing.  Just be aware that there are more rugs and if you're in Vero, stop by and I'll show you photos.  One hopes the problem is soon remedied, she says with her fingers and toes crossed.  What with illnesses and W-2s and such folderol, I haven't had a chance to put the sale price on each item.  Feel free to call me at the shop 772-567-6688.  I'll be more than happy to tell you the 65% sale price.


  1. "Be Merry" looks wonderful--colorful and cheerful. Congratulations on the finish!