Saturday, January 7, 2017

Adapting the layout of a website and blog to its ultimate for a mobile phoneI

Needle Nicely has hired a company to adapt the existing website and blog so they will be formatted to be read more easily on a mobile phone.  I'm letting them do what they do best without much input from me, but when I saw the stock banner photograph they had placed over threads and things (I don't remember the exact title), I had to step in.  Their photograph was of thread, sharp needles, a tape measure and more--all things related to sewing.  I told them I would email a photograph that would be more appropriate.
This is the cropped photograph that I sent them.  I also sent the same image uncropped.  I feel much happuer with the image this will convey of Needle Nicely.

I must add that Stuart was there for the "shot" and he insisted on running to KMart to get a pristine piece of poster board.  My wrinkled sheet of newsprint just didn't cut it with him!

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  1. Good luck, Mary Agnes! I've been putting off updating my website for two years, and it's only a matter of time before I capitulate.