Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Season's Coming to an End

Today was Needle Nicely's annual employee luncheon.  We snagged a window table at the Ocean Grill on Vero's beach.  The view was like a documentary of beach life.  There was  a group of 8 people wearing identical t-shirts collecting trash of various types.  Then there was the older woman sitting at the water's edge letting the water pour over her, but also getting lots of sand in her bathing suit.  One man obviously thought it was a naturist beach since his bathing suit was almost non-existent.  An added touch were the vees of pelicans swooping through the scene.

The snow birds start leaving beginning March 31st.  That's when the 3-month leases end and I-95 North is bumper to bumper.  The next departure is before April 15 and tax day.  Then Easter, whether before or after tax time.  In latter years, many people have realized how beautiful April and May can be; so they stay longer.  It is also nice to be to eat out without long waits since the crowds have thinned out.

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  1. If you're seeing an exodus, it means our roads will soon be congested again!