Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Anniversary seashell tote II

I'm pleased with the progress I have made on the seashell tote.  I try to stitch one hour every evening before preparing dinner.  I have completed the 2nd side of water and have started on the sand in the middle of the canvas.  I estimate that the sand will take me a month to complete (mid-June).
There are some areas of the sand background that do not touch the center part of the canvas.  That is, the areas surrounding the tops of the shells on each side.  I'm going to wait to stitch those areas until after I have completed the main body of sand, just to ensure I have enough Paternayan in the same dyelot.  Dyelot won't matter in those small areas since they don't touch the main body of the sand.

You can see the unstitched sand above the sea urchin and scallop shells.  More on this in 3 or so weeks.

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