Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stylish ladies VII

This is how far I had stitched last week.  However, I noticed that Giselle's shoulder (on the right as you look at her) was stitched incorrectly.  I could have let it slide as it was close, but years ago I was a university library cataloger--old habits die hard concerning accuracy.  So the first thing I did on Tuesday was to pick out the pink stitches and then restitch the area, I hope correctly this time.  (I'm almost afraid to look at this week's photograph!)

Then on to try to finish the background, my primary goal for this week.  I also finished Giselle's face and stitched her lipstick.  Then on to do Claudette's earrings in slanted gobelin using Balger #12.  I also did Mimi's earrings in continental stitch in the same Balger.  Then I balanced Fifi by doing her other earring.

There are 3 partially stitched areas  on Claudette and Fifi to be finished, as well as the buttons on Mimi's dress and some polka dots on Gigi's hat.  There is also lots of basketweave to do.  I'm glad that today I managed to package some items to be mailed Tuesday--after all, Needle Nicely is a retail operation!!  But with that shipping done, I won't feel so guilty about spending so much time stitching. Think speedy thoughts for me!!

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  1. Looking really good, Mary Agnes! That background really sets everyone off well.