Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stylish Ladies VI

Giselle has been impatiently waiting her turn to be stitched.  For the longest time I couldn't decide how to stitch her hair, but I finally decided to do it in the upright gobelin over 4 threads with a step of 2. I used black Silk 'n ivory.  I'm pleased with the look.

Her beret I did in the Patio cashmere stitch.  The trim is the Satin stitch and the "button" is a Scotch stitch.  I'm still debating what to do with the tassel so I haven't done any stitching on it.  I can't decide whether to have a real tassel attached and stitch over the painted tassel or perhaps do turkey work or an encroaching stitch.  Any suggestions?

I had stitched Claudette's cheeks in diagonal mosaic, but they were too similar to other stitches and stood out too much so out came that stitching  After stitching Giselle's face around her cheeks, I have decided that the pink is too strong so I have some more tearing out (frogging?) to do next week.

Her sun glasses are stitched in crystal braid for the lenses and Balger #12 braid for the frames.  Her earrings are done in white Goldrush 18 in a long, slanted stitch. 

Giselle's shell is done in slanted gobelin done horizontally over 2 threads.  Her jacket is Original Helen's lace which gives a nice overall effect.  It looks different on the right--I think there may be a mistake lurking there but I'm not sure how worried I am about perfection! 

It's amazing how things show up in a photograph that aren't apparent to the naked eye.  Another surprise is how I managed to type this in italic typeface--now I have to figure out how to get the regular typeface back.  Ahh, the continuing joys of blogdom!

I estimate that I have another 2 weeks worth of stitching to do between finishing the background and stitching all the faces and necks and the jewelry and buttons.  I'm on the home-stretch and am anxious to move on to my next "summer" project.

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  1. I really like the Patio Cashmere stitch on the beret! Maybe encroaching gobelin for the tassel?