Monday, May 9, 2011

stylish ladies addendum

I realized this morning that I should include a photograph of my progress of the "entire" canvas of ladies, not just the lady on whichI am currently stitching.  Voila:

I also must confess that I am torn about how this canvas will ultimately be displayed.  Its original design was for a large pocketbook from Lee's (Colonial Needle).  I, in my all-knowing wisdom of marketing (chortle, chortle), decided it would look good in the square red Sudberry tray.  I'm having second thoughts since I enjoy looking at it so much.  I really do love the way the stitches are blending and forming a textural entity where I just want to admire and stroke the finished surface. 

I don't want to do Giselle's hair until I know what the ultimate end-product will be.  So, I'm skipping Giselle this next week and will be stitching Claudette in the lower left-hand corner. Any suggestions about what I should do with this canvas?  Please, I implore you for suggestions.


  1. I'd vote for the handbag,or even a pillow. In a serving tray, all these stylish ladies would eventually be covered by something--it would be a shame to hide their light under a bushel! Your stitches so far are relatively snag-proof, so that's not an issue.

  2. I vote for the handbag as well. I know you will receive many compliments as you wear it around town!