Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Katie Molyneaux small canvases

Helen, my employee of longest tenure (sounds so much better than oldest employee), loves Katie Molyneaux--as do we all.  She stitched these 3, what I term "smalls" that Katie has designed.

These are part of a series of, I think, 5"x7" canvases that Katie designed several years ago.  Helen did the Victorian step stitch for the vines and Mosaic for parts of the branches.  I photographed these after they had been framed and had to be careful because of the glare off of the glass.  This photograph of the finished framed piece is slanted so that there is no glare.  A beautiful framing job done by my favorite framer, Royal Palm Frame Shop, here in Vero Beach.

Thank you, Helen, for letting me show off your wonderful stitching!

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  1. Beautiful work, and the colors are so vibrant!