Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stylish Ladies V

This past week I've been working on Claudette, so-named because she reminds me of movie star Claudette Colbert.

The body of her hat I did in the Giant Diagonal Scotch stitch
with the feather in the Long/short Split stitch and the trim in Satin stitch.

To give the illusion of hair pulled back into a bun, I did the Slanted Gobelin with the slant changing direction on each side to simulate the direction of the hair.  I did her cheeks in Diagonal Mosaic stitch.  They look raised now, but I think they'll blend in to the skin once I get it done in Basketweave.

Her collar is the Nobuko and looks rather like cotton pique. 
The trim on her shell is Scotch stitch and her shell is done in the Victorian step-stitch.

The stitch for her jacket produces the best textural effect of any I've used on this canvas.  It's the Serendipity stitch and really looks like nubby knit.  On the Blogger photograph it just looks like Diagonal Mosaic, so I hope its real texture shows up in an enlargement.  (I have to wait to post this blog entry before I can check on that feature.)

Now to show my progress on the overall canvas:

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