Saturday, March 9, 2013

gunther, again 18

The past two weeks have been marvelous in terms of rug sales--we sold two each week, so the total sold is 14 and the remaining rugs/wallhangings total is 66 (though technically 65 since we have one tucked away for a customer to buy before she goes North for the summer--she's good for it!).  In May I plan to photograph and measure the remaining rugs and list them under that 40% off heading that I established on the right side of my blog entry.  Then in about August I will lower the price to 50% and further deductions will be taken in increments until they are all gone.  Someone asked when I would start buying new rug canvases--she who is looking toward retirement (that's me!) retorted, NEVER!  I will be officially retired as a needlepoint rug saleswoman when I sell my current inventory.  I love them and love kitting them, but enough is enough.  And I ain't getting no younger. 

I've been whizzing along on the left-side of Gunther's background with a smidge of trousers thrown in.  Here's my progress (almost to the bottom of his feet--well, maybe 3 inches away).
 I thought a close-up of the kalem stitch would be informative.  In person every other row looks like a slightly different color/dyelot.   

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  1. Thanks for the close-up. Gunther is looking as warm as toast! Basketweave for the boots? At least the black sections, that is.