Saturday, March 16, 2013

Maggie Co Trunk Show

Well, the canvases all have been checked off and priced and thanks to the father of my teen-aged wall-climber (she's in Indianapolis at a high school band clinic), they're hung on the walls at Needle Nicely.  He came Thursday afternoon and stayed until 6 pm so we could finish.  

Maggie sent some models to help with sales, including some specialty frames that coordinate with the accompanying canvas.

Well, these two refuse to be side-by-side.  Sigh.  Blogger is a continuing learning experience for me.

Anyway, you need to click on the cat fish to see the wonderful stitches and fibers that were used in the stitching.  It's gorgeous in person (can a cat/fish be a person?).

Miss Mermaid hasn't been stitched yet, but it's easy to see possibilities.

As Vicky DeAngelis would say, "Just love, love, love..." these frames. 

I don't think there are many woman who can't identify with this shoe canvas with frame.  Sorry I cut off the right side!
 This is the unstitched canvas for the finished pillow
just below.  There is a stitch guide available.
Just love that bobble fringe, though I'm sure it gave the finisher fits.

Here again they aren't going to be alongside each other.
It would be so much easier to look at them that way.

I think it's interesting how the finisher wrapped that fringe around the jumbo cord.

Again, there is a stitch guide available (see the unstitched
canvas below)


Obviously this summer I will need to be studying how to NOT leave all this white space on a page. It really insults my sense of design and balance!
The last photographs are the canvases we tried to group on the walls. Maggie represents many artists and it is delightful to look at the different styles.  I haven't picked my favorites--yet, but I'm sure I will by the end of the month when I need to ship these home to San Francisco. 

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