Wednesday, March 6, 2013

the last of the new canvases (I think!)

This is a belt canvas I received this past week from Stitch-Its.  I love the colors, though it would look good in any combination.
And there were some really "Florida-y" or "beach-y" designs from Associated Talents.
And a take-off of their Funky trees bolster pillow design as a full-sized Christmas stocking.
And, a canvas definitely appropriate for the weather now in the Northeast.

Saturday I'll show my progress on Gunther.  I think I've arrived at the stitch for his boots, so that won't hold up my progress.


  1. Oh, Mary Agnes, I wish you hadn't included the Snow canvas. This winter is getting mighty old around here!

    1. Anne, I know it isn't much solace, but I try to think of the drought in the west and midwest (and the lowering of the Great Lakes water level) and hope that the snow this winter will help alleviate that. Try to think through your pain--says she shivering in Florida where this week it has been in the 40s and the 50s, but thank goodness nothing to shovel. And you should see the people in ear muffs! Of course we year-round residents are enjoying the slight cool spell because it kills insects. Mary Agnes