Saturday, March 2, 2013

standing nutcracker, 17

I had a debate with myself about the # on this nutcracker posting.  It's actually the eighteenth, but the last post which contained information and a photo wasn't titled "nutcracker"--so a technicality!

My progress seems to be accelerating, but I think it is only because the bottom portion of Gunther is much narrower than the top.  I love the effect of the kalem stitch, but it is a slow stitch.  And I see another few days of it in my future!  You'll notice that I have done much more on the background on the left side as compared to the right side of Gunther's legs.  I decided that I would speed ahead on the left so that I could count up from the bottom for the area of background between his legs.  You understand that I am accepting on blind faith that the backgrounds will line up when they meet at the bottom (or I promise that I will "make" them meet.)

If you click on the photo, you'll see that I did finish the interlocking gobelin between his legs.  Hooray, while an attractive stitch it's as slow as the kalem.  I must prefer something like the Diagonal Triple Hungarian.  But I am sacrificing myself for the beauty of my art!

I'm happy to sit and stitch since my sinus infection (non infectious, thank goodness) refuses to leave town.  Yesterday, upon hearing my voice and seeing my sad demeanor, Marcia insisted that I call my doctor for another visit.  So, an extension on my antibiotic with the addition of steroids.  The doctor even offered me a sleeping pill, but I'm hopeful that I might find the energy to clean my closet this weekend (yes, that's sarcasm since I expect to be a latke for at least another few days.  I don't really expect to clean that closet in this lifetime, and you would understand if you could see it.  It looks like a bomb went off in it.) 

I spent 6 hours (well, technically, 5 hours 53 minutes) viewing the Met Opera's High Definition broadcast of Wagner's Parsifal.  Beautiful music and talented singers.  TOOOO long.  I lasted until the end because the music was so wonderful, but many people bailed after 2 or 4 hours.  As my friend Toni commented, it won't be on the list of things we want to see again.  But an instrumental of the music would be a nice addition to my CD collection.  I loved Rene Pape but the others were just okay--and I resented their singing and overpowering my listening music!  You'll have to excuse my amateur music criticism but I am nothing if not opinionated!

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  1. Think of how many inches of Gunther you've already done! It won't be long 'til you reach his boot tops!