Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ode to my beautiful sinuses

Monday I made my weekly trip of adoration to my local GP.  I adore him because he has the power to prescribe medicine to transform my head full of unmentionable fluid and discomfort into a delightful witty conversationalist par excellence.  Add a dose of cortisone and I'm a fluid, mean, dancing machine.  Until the prescription runs out.

Monday I went to have my 3rd in a series of sinus xrays.  This week I only have slightly swollen membranes, but I am beginning to demonstrate that marvelous personality I've shown since my birth (only slight sarcasm there).  So, I thought I might throw in a plug for how wonderful last week had been without pain in my hips or fingers.  I didn't arise from my chair with a lurch or hesitation, but rather I did it fluidly like days of old.  So, I mentioned that prednisone was perhaps not such a terrible thing and could I possibly at some future time entertain more in my system.  Bless you swollen membranes--I have another week of bliss,  but with the admonition that it won't be repeated because cortisone is a dangerous thing.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I'm like Scarlett O'Hara--I'll worry about that tomorrow or next week, but for now I will luxuriate in the sublime feeling of fingers moving without pain and getting up from a chair without conscious impetus.  Sigh!  Ain't life grand?

And another rug found a happy home.  People don't realize how much time it takes to kit a rug.  Sometimes people want to try to use yarn they have at home.  I heartily support that when there are many flowers or birds with a little of this and a little of that.  I also don't mind telling people how much yarn the background or border will require.  The customer who bought one of our rugs last week (a round floral Jean Smith) asked me to kit it.  It took me about 3 1/2 hours and the use of the formula for the area of a circle (the radius squared times pi).  Today Macy finalized the colors for this new sale so tomorrow I get to determine how much of each color is required.  The Paternayan supply has caused a problem in rug kitting--some colors just are not available.  Someone emailed me for a color for a rug she was stitching--but only wanted the "old" Paternayan.  She should be grateful that it is one of the colors available in the new Paternayan since I haven't had it in stock for almost 2 years.

I'm making great progress on Gunther.  I can foresee being able to start on his boots next week (and I'll do the big stitch reveal then, Anne!  It isn't basketweave.).
I just love admiring how much of the background I have stitched.  Yeah!  I intend to finish it before I put the last stitch into his boots.  
There will be no stitching tonight, though.  I received my Maggie Co trunk show and at this moment my husband is attaching price labels.  Then I get to check the canvases off the shipping list and price them.  Here are a few of the canvases:

A darling frog princess designed by Kim Bowles.

And another canvas designed by Kim Bowles.

And this canvas by Corinna Luyken make me laugh and remember my freshman year at Appalachian.  This happened to me twice before I gave up buying umbrellas for life.  I have one for Florida's torrential rains, but usually I just go bareheaded!

I'll show more canvases Saturday, I hope after they have been "hung" at Needle Nicely. 

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  1. You deserve a round of applause for keeping up on Gunther's background! Waiting for the boots!