Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A doorstop or two...

It's almost time to send the Whimsy & Grace purse trunk show back so we took the canvases off the wall and replaced them.

One section that Macy put up was of some of the new doorstop canvases we have received in the past month or so.  Vero Beach is on the Atlantic Coast of Florida and we get many breezes that can shock you when an open door slams. 

 This is a new Melissa Shirley creche set.  It was designed by Debby Mumm.

I think I have previously mentioned that I resurrected the lady chef because the company had changed hands so she is still available. ( I had stopped stitching when I thought TSDesigns was going out of business because of retirement--but another company purchased their designs.)  However, I had gotten bored with stitching all that white on the apron and cap.  To the rescue came Macy to finish stitching what I had balked at.  Now she's ready to go to the finisher and become a "real" person.  Sasha (my name for her) was designed by TS designs.

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