Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rugs and wall hangings now 60% off!

It's time to increase the discount on the rug and wall hanging canvases Needle Nicely has in stock.  The majority have been reduced to 60% off.  The exceptions are some old painting masters that are shop worn but will stitch beautifully; and one canvas with a slight flaw--those are 70% off.  All prices are indicated.  Please go to the two lists on the right-hand side of this blog to see the pictures, dimensions, mesh, and price.

Thursday I went to see the National Theatre's high definition transmission of the play "War Horse".  What a wonderful production.  The horses are puppets and are handled so masterfully, each by 3 puppeteers, that you soon forget they aren't real horses.  I know a movie was made using real horses, but I highly recommend your seeing a stage production of this.

I just returned half an hour ago from the high definition transmission of the Metropolitan Opera's production of "Prince Igor".  The music was gorgeous (it contains "Stranger in Paradise" among other music), but it was just too typically Russian for my taste (dark, battle losses, debauchery...).  Most of the roles were sung by Russians who were interviewed during the two intermissions.  One of them said that the ending would bring tears to our eyes,  it was so happy and uplifting.  Excuse me?  Sure Prince Igor escaped captivity and returned home to help rebuild his country, but he seemed half-witted (from his head injury?) and his country was destitute.  Still, I remind myself that I'm still learning about opera and I need to see a broad selection of them to enable me to know what I do enjoy.  I already have a short list of which ones I don't need to see again!  Sadly, most of those are the modern operas that the Met has been trying to promote.   They do one a year in high definition and so far they have consistently been turkeys.

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