Saturday, March 15, 2014

curling at the paralympics 2014

What a delightful surprise!  My husband had discovered that there was television coverage of the curling finals of the 2014 paralympics this evening.  He and I had never seen any previous matches and it was interesting to observe the team cooperation and support.  Such as the necessity to have at least an additional wheelchair behind the "shooter" to provide stability during the shooting action.  The overall strategy is the same, but out of necessity the physical machinations are different.  There are no sweepers, so there must be more force in the initial "shoot".  So there is much more dependence on the quality of the ice to produce any curling motion of the stone.  And there wasn't the attendant shouting that occurs in regular curling since that shouting seems to be directed at the sweepers to advise them as to whether they should be working harder or laying off. 

If you're a curling fan and can access a replay of the gold medal match, I highly recommend it.  As a spoiler, I must say that Canada beat Russia and, of course, I was rooting for Canada.  If the US isn't playing, then Canada is the next best thing!!

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