Wednesday, March 5, 2014

new top of a wall and more new canvases

Macy put these canvases up on the wall to replace the 4 Melissa Shirley previously there.  The first on the left is a sand hill crane by The Point of It All. The next is a snowy egret by Susan Roberts
Needlepoint.  The center canvas is a rhinoceros montage by Joy Juarez.  Then a pair of canvases from Treglown Designs.  You have to look closely to see that one canvas has two birds, the other only one.

This is one of a pair (I think--there may be more in the series) of seashore-related designs from Associated Talents.

In real life, I enjoy watching geckos in action and I am discovering that I also like buying canvases depicting them.  The one to the left is from Associated Talents.

I ordered several different designs from this purse style from Clara Wells.  I intend to stitch one this summer for a shop model.  I think her designs are quite elegant.

 While a realistic view of a shrimp, it definitely doesn't show its most attractive side.  Well, maybe it does and there is no attractive view!!  Alice Van Trease designed this.

Joanie Sherman of The Studio designed this purse canvas.  It's sort of reminiscent of some of the elements Klimt utilized.  I really want to stitch this but I already have a partially-stitched shop model of this size and a completed model of the smaller version.  Sigh!  I suppose I should be a virtuous person and finish stitching the one I've already started.  But that's no fun. 


  1. The Clara Wells purse canvas is stunning! Very different!

  2. Stitching the one that's already started is no fun. You feel me. You really feel me. ;)