Saturday, March 8, 2014

Susan Roberts trio of trees

I've been trying to accumulate the variety of fibers used in the stitching of Susan Roberts' 5" tree from her trio of trees.  I'm doing it on the red canvas, though it is also available on green canvas.

This is a photograph provided.  Each tree comes with the instructions for that size and the drawn canvases to produce that one tree.  

There are four canvases with drawn outlines and some of the overstitched design drawn on.

I'm still waiting for some of the necessary fibers to arrive from suppliers.  Now to put the first canvas on stretcher bars and start stitching.


  1. This looks like it will be fun to stitch! You've assembled a lot of twinkly threads here!

  2. What a fun project! Is the 5" tree the middle sized tree?

  3. No, Cindy. They are 5", 7", and 9".